TSF Jim Ward Foreword

Congratulations, you’ve found the page! As you may or may not know, the original TSF rulebook is filled with puzzles, from the obvious to the masterfully hidden (in fact, many have not been discovered or, if found, yet to be solved). (Special thanks to the master, Mike Selinker, for his help devising these puzzles.)

Here’s an except from Jim Ward’s foreword to the forthcoming book The Way of Tree, Shadow & Flame, the first supplement for The Secret Fire. Click below to read about the early era of roleplaying games and how RPGs have evolved since then directly from one of the players of the earliest campaigns (note: the beginning of the foreword appears in the supplement, of course)….

Jim Ward Foreword

And keep an eye out for more clues to secret caches of information….

3 Responses so far.

  1. Marc C says:

    I see. I will have to go over the book again. Thanks for the hint.

  2. GRStrayton says:

    Nice, Marc! You’re the first (or at least the first to say you solved it)! There are many puzzles in the rulebook, some very easy, some extremely difficult. Many haven’t been figured out yet after almost two years!

  3. Marc C says:

    I will have to go over the book and re-study the images. Should be fun.

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