Making RPGs Dark & Dangerous again…

The Secret Fire RPGTHE SECRET FIRE™ RPG is an original game system with mechanics that emphasize exploration, roleplaying, and the constant threat of danger as adventurers set forth on perilous quests, engage in lethal battles, and win precious treasures. The design philosophy focuses strongly on imbuing the game world with a specific tone through elements of flavor, simpler rules, faster play, and unlimited flexibility using innovative “literary” mechanics alongside traditional tropes of the fantasy game genre. The overall “feel” of this combination is what sets The Secret Fire RPG apart from all other games.

THE SECRET FIRE is a fast, flexible, and familiar yet unique fantasy roleplaying game that focuses on putting you at the heart of the experience. It has a low price point and is available in PDF, ePub, and hardcopy formats.

In addition, we won’t be overwhelming you with books to buy, having a release schedule designed to expand and enhance your game. Apps and other technologies will be available ad hoc at low prices and will be meant to speed up play even further or provide additional enhancements to your campaign.

The game contains elements that should appeal to fans of ALL editions of some of the world’s most popular FRPGs so everyone can go back to playing together. Some playtesters have even called The Secret Fire RPG a “Universal FRPG”.

The Secret Fire RPG book itself contains it’s own secrets to be deciphered and solved. Those who do so successfully will find themselves discovering extra, free content, not to mention the sense of accomplishment for solving the puzzle.

As well as both PDF and print editions, The Secret Fire RPG will also be available in ePub and similar formats to enable digital readers to view them. There will be an iPhone App that runs locally without requiring an active internet connection.

Where Can You Buy The Secret Fire RPG?

THE SECRET FIRE RPG book contains all the information you need to run a Secret Fire RPG one-shot game that last a few hours or entire campaign that last for years. In an homage to the original RPG, Dungeons & Dragons, the game book matches the dimensions of the little brown box sold in 1974 to introduce the public to a world of the imagination in which you’re the hero! Plus, it’s a great size for your game table because it takes up less space (the same reason we made our character sheets landscape orientation).

The Book

The hard-copy print edition of The Secret Fire RPG is available from


The ePub/PDF

The ePub is available from the Barnes & Noble Nook store. The book-marked digital version of the Secret Fire RPG PDF is available from