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2012 Con Guest of Honor Appearances

I’m very humbled to announce that I’ve been asked to be a Guest of Honor at three conventions in 2012 so far: Bam-Con, I-CON 31, and GenCon! I’ll post more once I know exactly what lectures, panels, and games I’ll be doing. I’m very excited, though, and looking forward to seeing everyone at the cons!

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We’re coming off a run of conventions, including Metatopia in New Jersey, MepaCon in Pennsylvania, and AnonyCon in Connecticut (where we’re running games this weekend — it’s not too late to drop in for a session). We’ve had a chance to playtest several adventures as well as new mechanics that will appear in our first supplement (FRAGMENT I: THE WAY [...]

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I-CON 2011 Celebrity D&D Game

This is part 1 of 4 of the I-CON 30 Celebrity D&D Game featuring Frank Mentzer, Cam Banks, Chris Adams, Jayson Elliot, George Strayton, Aaron Rosenberg, and a special guest player. The game was ran by DM Michael O’Neill using the Frank Mentzer Basic Red Box. You can watch it here. James Carpio of Chapter 13 Press will be releasing [...]

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TSF Update

TSF Update I’ve been, unfortunately, out sick for the past week, but am on the mend, which is why it’s been quiet around here.   But as I finally start to return to health, I wanted to give everyone an overall update on developments post-GenCon. Our own Bill Heron, an expert in web site design, will be taking over the [...]

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