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2012 Con Guest of Honor Appearances

I’m very humbled to announce that I’ve been asked to be a Guest of Honor at three conventions in 2012 so far: Bam-Con, I-CON 31, and GenCon! I’ll post more once I know exactly what lectures, panels, and games I’ll be doing. I’m very excited, though, and looking forward to seeing everyone at the cons!

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Happy Labor Day!

I know it’s not Labor Day just yet, but like many, I’ll be taking a Labor Day vacation, leaving this afternoon and returning Tuesday the 12th. Secondly, the only update I have on the Secret Fire Codex iPhone app is that I keep getting the same response daily from the developers saying, “It’s going well,” which frankly, isn’t the case [...]

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GenCon Interview about the Secret Fire RPG

Watch the GenCon 2011 Interview about the Secret Fire RPG here.  

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TSF Update

TSF Update I’ve been, unfortunately, out sick for the past week, but am on the mend, which is why it’s been quiet around here.   But as I finally start to return to health, I wanted to give everyone an overall update on developments post-GenCon. Our own Bill Heron, an expert in web site design, will be taking over the [...]

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Did You Buy the Lulu PDF?

Anyone else who purchase a Lulu copy and wants the DriveThruRPG version with the bookmarks, just let me know. Just make sure your e-mail is the same as the one you used when you purchased it from Lulu and I’ll send you a complimentary copy from DriveThru like I did with Theo.

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GenCon Interview with the National Examiner

You can read it here!

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