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The Secret Fire RPG Now Available in the Barnes & Noble Nook Store!

The ePub is less than half the file size of the PDF version of the book (to save you space on your mobile device) and includes all the features of an ePub you would expect: search, table of contents, bookmarking, highlighting, the ability to change font and font size, etc. — whatever your eReader app allows.  Here are some screenshots […]

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TSF Update

TSF Update I’ve been, unfortunately, out sick for the past week, but am on the mend, which is why it’s been quiet around here. :)  But as I finally start to return to health, I wanted to give everyone an overall update on developments post-GenCon. Our own Bill Heron, an expert in web site design, will be taking over the […]

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The Secret Fire


Bringing together the best of novels, film, television, and roleplaying games! Welcome to the home of The Secret Fire (TSF) adventure game, released at GenCon 2011, and winner of the 2012 Innovative Game Design Award (I-CON 31). Forged over the course of decades, The Secret Fire, which emphasizes roleplaying and exploration, is a game of creativity, flexibility, and limitless imagination, in […]

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