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New Kickstarter Campaign Just Launched!


What if I told you the award-winning roleplaying game The Secret Fire had a killer follow-up sourcebook written by veteran designers including Ed Greenwood, Logan Bonner, Thomas Reid, and George Strayton, with a foreword by Mr. Jim Ward?

The Way of Tree, Shadow & Flame supplement contains new races, callings, prayers, spells, background and relationship tables, rules for running domains, and more — hundreds of pages of material for players and game masters alike.

And with your help, The Secret Fire’s system of roleplaying mechanics for creating three-dimensional characters and forging epic storylines with your games will be converted to both Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry in official companion books.

And that’s not all.

New David “Diesel” LaForce artwork, a unique Stan! comic, special Pathfinder mechanics by Owen KC Stephens and Brian Berg, a gazetteer by the master himself, Bruce Heard, an origin story of the TSF world by Ed Greenwood (in addition to his design work on the supplement), new Swords & Wizardry mechanics by Matt Finch, cartography by Tom Fayen, a dark and dangerous adventure by Paizo RPG Rockstar Tom Phillips, and more will all be part of this fantastic collaboration of designers and artists that spans the lifetime of roleplaying games!

Click here to check out the campaign!

Find out more about George Strayton here: http://www.secretfiregames.com/about/ and follow The Secret Fire page for more about this amazing project here: https://www.facebook.com/thesecretfirerpg.

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