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New Lulu Discount Coupon — 1 Day Only!

Just got this coupon from Lulu and we wanted to pass it along!

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Adrenaline Roll!

Due to popular demand I’m posting the basic idea for the Adrenaline Roll, which has been going over so well at conventions (I’ve been using this mechanic since 1995, so it’s been through years of playtesting.) In a nutshell, during a tense moment (like in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK when Indy’s trying to outrun the giant boulder), the players […]

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National Examiner Puts The Secret Fire in Top 5 Holiday Gifts

We were very pleased to find The Secret Fire RPG listed among the “top five” gifts for gamers according to The National Examiner. ¬†You can read the story here.

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We’re coming off a run of conventions, including Metatopia in New Jersey, MepaCon in Pennsylvania, and AnonyCon in Connecticut (where we’re running games this weekend — it’s not too late to drop in for a session). We’ve had a chance to playtest several adventures as well as new mechanics that will appear in our first supplement (FRAGMENT I: THE WAY […]

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